Set Apart

We all have characteristics, personalities, skills, and quirks that set us apart.  I truly hope that you believe that about yourself.  Our differences are a beautiful part of what makes the world-go-round. 
As I begin the adventure of Rardon Design, I want to share with you what sets me apart. 
I would seriously encourage everyone to do this.  If you’re anything like me, it’s sometimes easier to focus on what we love about the people around us, rather than taking the time to realize what makes us special.  But… You are a valuable part of your community, your workplace, your family, etc.  Truly believe that you are unique and set apart – that is an awesome thing!
Here a few things that set me apart…
I am creative.
Creativity – a necessary part of being in the design field.  Creativity is in my bones.  I love painting, crafting, repurposing – coming up with new ways to look at things.  I can’t help but go to an auction or a thrift store and come up with tons of ways I could repurpose or refinish the items. 
Burlap Christmas Wreath I made for my grandma this last year.
How does this translate to your home?  I can help you rethink your furniture layout.  Your art placement.  Can we reuse the items you already have in a totally new way?  Can I paint a new piece of artwork for your living room? 
A painting I did for our living room.
Let me help you find the perfect piece for your bedroom, that you just can’t seem to find.  Love grandma’s old dish collection, but just don’t know what to do with them?  Let me help you come up with a creative solution!
Mother’s Day floral arrangement I constructed last year.
My knowledge of Color & Design Principles.
My career and learning opportunities have been focused on design. 
Restaurant Floor Plan utilizing the shell of an abandoned farmhouse.
I have a Bachelors degree from the University of NebraskaLincoln in Interior Design…
   and I’m not afraid to use it. J 
Concept sketch for shared family room.
Materials Board for shared family room.
As Candice Olson would say: Design is all about knowing the rules {composition} {scale} {color}, and knowing when it’s okay to break them!
Physical model for home redesign.
So, let’s rejoice in our differences.  And celebrate what makes us special!
Check back soon for more about what sets me and Rardon Design apart from the rest!

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