Set Apart {a little bit more about me}

Today as I was running to a local flooring and tile store to get samples for a customer, I seriously thought to myself, “If I could do this for free, I totally would.”  Now that is profound!  I so enjoy what I do, and feel so blessed to help people love their homes.
I left the last post talking about what sets me apart.  And yet again, I encourage you to celebrate what makes you special.  So, here’s a few other things that make Rardon Design different from the rest:
Love of treasure hunting.
Okay, so “treasure hunting” is a glorified way of saying it, but I love it, I do.  I grew up going to auctions [my mom is an auctioneer], and somehow became ingrained with the love of reusing/repurposing things. 
Really fun thrifted vase. A simple succulent arrangement made it a perfect side table accent.
I love going to a thrift store to hunt for the best treasure.  I mean, how beautiful is that: Taking something that has lost its value to others, been forgotten, and recreating it or repurposing it for something gorgeous or useful. 
So stoked when I scored these frames.  They were in perfect condition and only $3 a piece.  Not to mention they are 19″x19″.  I just covered the outdated prints with some of my own photography!
I love rooms that look “collected” – like they’re a culmination of a lifetime of finding awesome things.  Thrifting is a great way to save money and add items to your home that have tons of character.
My favorite find so far.  These cute, brass pandas hang out on my desk.  They look perfect with the gold trim on the colorful bindings of these old Reader Digest books {an auction find}.
No, I can’t do the splits. J  As I’m typing this I feel like I should do some stretches or something.  Haha.  But when I say flexibility, I’m referring to the flexibility that now being an independent decorating consultant gives me.
When it comes to decorating needs, everyone is different.  Fortunately, my schedule offers me tons of flexibility to help my customers in the best way possible. 
     –You may just need a 1 hour consultation to choose paint colors, and sketch out a plan to finish your room.  But maybe you need help that’s different than a 1 hour consultation… 
     –Could you use someone to go shopping with you at the furniture store or tile store? 
     –Have you been looking for the perfect tv console and just can’t find it? 
     –Have you been hoping to find a cheap dresser for your guest bedroom, but don’t have the time to go to auctions and garage sales all the time? 
     –Do you wish you could just have a designer come to your home, and put together the room for you….you know, “HGTV” style – just come home to the “Great Reveal”. 
Well, then I’m your girl. J  I am totally willing to be flexible to meet your design, style, and budget needs.
Last, but not least, I want to be real and honest in all that I do.  I sincerely love what I do, and want you to love and enjoy your home.  I will always do my best to make that happen.
And with that I will say… Hooray for being unique.  Thank you for being fabulous and checking out my blog!  It finally felt like spring today.  Let’s spring forward to a fabulous Friday!

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