Fab Find Friday

Okay, I know, it’s not Friday anymore.  But, I did find these beauties yesterday, on Friday!  Does that count? And to make it even better – they were free!  Aww-yeah!  Fab FREE Find Friday.

Pallets are all the rage right now.  They are used for shipping, and made from low grade lumber.  They are often used a few times, and then discarded or used as fire wood.  Which…makes them an awesome candidate for repurposing!

I love the long one.  It’s a little bit hard to see, but the one leaning up on the back is all one piece… going to make an awesome horizontal art piece.  I’m actually going to be painting them to be used as displays for pictures. {perfect for all the graduation celebrations coming up!}  Don’t worry – I’ll share pictures when they’re all done. :)
I got mine from a local paint store.  I just walked in and asked if they had any extras that I could have.  They had some standard-sized ones that they would get charged for if they didn’t have them when their truck returned, however – these odd-sized ones were totally up-for-grabs.  If you’re looking for pallets for your own project, I would suggest asking any local store – paint, hardware, and department stores would be good places to try.
For some awesome weekend inspiration, here are some really cool projects with pallets.
Pallet shelves {I’ve also seen them used this way as a wine rack}…
Pallet coffee table {love the glass on top, for a finishing touch}…

Pallet planter…
Pallet headboard {would be awesome with a monogram!}…
Pallet artwork…
Free & fabulous!  Have a wonderful weekend!
  1. Molly Zimmerman Reply

    Love pallets!! They are a hot commodity on the farm between me, my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law…we see who can grab them first!

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