Pretty Pallets

A few Fridays ago, I posted about pallets for Fab Find Friday.  I had gotten a few pallets from a local store.  I sanded and repainted them to be used as picture displays.  Here is one of them…

Didn’t it turn out fun?!  And seriously: such a cheap & easy project!  I started by sanding it down with a high grit sandpaper.  Thank you to the gentleman in Wal*mart who suggested the serious grit sandpaper {I used 60 to be exact}!  When choosing a sandpaper: the more rough it feels to the touch, the rougher it will be on what you’re sanding.  Simple, right?! :)

The pallets are made from cheap lumber, so when sanding… please be careful!  You won’t damage the wood, but you could get some serious slivers.  I literally shed some blood on this project… which could have been easily avoided by just wearing some gloves!  Check out the sandpaper… Before on the left, and After on the right!

Then I used bright craft paint to paint the boards in a striped pattern. I used a dry brush and quick strokes – this ensured that the paint didn’t cover the wood completely.  I wanted to leave some of the wood tone peaking through to keep the distressed look of the pallet.
We used the pallet leaning on a table to display pictures for a client’s graduation.  I just used stick pins to pin pictures straight into the wood.  This could easily be done in an entry or kitchen… use it to display family pictures, seasonal items, wreaths, postcards, kids’ artwork, anything!

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