Designer Crush: The Novogratz

It’s true – I have a designer crush… and I have to admit, I don’t have just one. :)  Scandalous!

Oh come on- many of you do too, admit it! There’s that one designer on HGTV that you would just lose it if you saw them in Target… or better yet – at your door step!  Thanks to television and the wonderful world-wide-web, we have access to shows and images of great design, and the designers that make it happen. 

Designers on HGTV have been inspiring me since this show:

Anyone remember that?! {Paige Davis back when showing your midriff was cool – haha.} There were some really amazing rooms designed on that show… and then there were some shows where things happened like – feathers being glued to a wall.  Eek.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here.  Point is: I have a designer crush, and I want to share them with you.



My goodness, aren’t they beautiful people! Robert and Courtney Novogratz are a husband/wife design team out of Manhattan. They have a wonderful show on HGTV called, “Home by Novogratz”. 

They have 7 kids, who are often seen on the show with their parents.

And their design philosophy: “There are no rules!”.  I love it!  No reason to restrict our creativity or our spaces by putting stagnant rules on how we can design our spaces. 
The Novogratz do an amazing job of giving their clients spaces that stretch the boundaries, and truly reflect their clients’ wishes.  They aren’t afraid to use bold colors and bright, patterned wallpaper.  I think it’s safe to say that they never play it safe!
Courtney is often seen shopping in boutique and thrift stores on the show to find one-of-a-kind pieces for their clients.  Love!
The spaces they design are often characterized by bright colors, text, mixing patterns, and vintage items.  I am infatuated!
One thing I recently saw on their show, really inspired me.  They had their clients go to a photography studio and get personalized artwork for their space.  Essentially, they went to go get family pictures… but let me tell ya -these were not your every day family pictures.  The photographer was amazing- and their photographs are absolute art!  [like the one above the piano in this picture]

Next time you go to get your photo taken – consider giving the photographer some creative encouragement.  Try something different!  Don’t match (or even plan) your outfits. Do something silly.  You’ll have conversation-worthy family photos & custom artwork all in one!

Thanks for the inspiration, Novogratz!


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