Bracelet DIY

I did a little bracelet DIY this weekend, and just had to share.  I’ve totally bought in to the “layering bracelets” trend, so I fueled my bracelet stash a little bit more for that. :)  As my husband would say, I am making Johnny Depp proud.

What can I say – Johnny knows how to layer his accessories!

The Rardon family loves to rent movies, so I’m often doing little projects like this while we’re catching a new flick.  This weekend Harry Potter happened to be playing when the inspiration for these bracelets came.

I had a necklace that had several gold chains and layers that broke apart a long time ago.  Of course, I knew that eventually I could make something from it, or fix it – so it’s been in one of my many craft drawers for a while.  Turned out to be perfect for this project!

For the first bracelet, I used 2 lengths of chain and a leather band.

I lined up the two gold chains next to each other and simply wove the leather band in and out to connect them.

I knotted the leather at each end and added a few rings and a clasp.  The connection isn’t the prettiest, but it works – and I don’t think you really notice it very much once I have it on and layered.

For the second one, I used a piece from the necklace that looks like little rhinestones.  I used a thicker leather band {you can get a big bag of leather scraps from Hobby Lobby for $5!} for the base.


I held the rhinestone length against the top of the leather piece, then wrapped embroidery floss around it to hold it into place. 


I made it extra long so that I could put it around my wrist twice.

Here they are, all layered up!

Totally rad, right?! :) 

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