Super Succulents

Succulents have really made their way onto the décor radar lately!  I love using them for a touch of texture as an accessory.  Use them individually for a cute touch – or in multiples for a much greater impact!

I’m calling my succulents “super” because they are one of the few things that I can grow.  They can take the heat, and if I forget to water them for a few days – they have no problems surviving the neglect.


Confession time: I even left mine out on the porch all winter!  Didn’t cover them or anything.  At the beginning of spring, I just had smaller plants in the two yellow pots.

Now – the longer box is filling up, and I need to separate the ones in the yellow pots again!

Can you give succulents as a gift?  Because these are the plant that just keeps on giving!  If I didn’t like them so much I’d probably think it was ridiculous, but I love the plant so I’m okay with the multiplication. :)

Succulents are amazing in the “silk plant” world too.  Aka: the fake ones don’t look so fake! 

I shared this back in April, but here’s an arrangement I have in my home that I created inside a thrifted vase.

Here’s some other great décor ideas using succulents!
A simple cake topper:
So cute…

Hang one…

Or a ton!
Love this overflowing wreath…

Quite super!

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