Paint Splotch Cards

Splotch: what a silly word. :)  I even looked it up on to make sure that I was using the word correctly – haha!

After some lovely posts about accessory trends, I felt the need for a little DIY project!  So – here enters the splotch cards…

I recently did a painting project in which I used small amounts of a variety of colors.  Here’s my fancy paper plate palette.  It seems I always have so much paint leftover on the plate when I’m finished that I didn’t want to go to waste.

I love making cards.  So – to use up all the paint, I thought what if I dipped the card fronts into the paint!  I had several of these small cards that I purchased from the dollar section in Target a while back.  I didn’t love the design on the front – so I thought they were the perfect candidate for this project!

I simply took the front of the card and pressed it down into the plate.  Here you can see I started out by splotching right in the middle of the plate.

Here are my cards drying…  [again with my fancy materials: I placed them on a plastic Wal*mart bag.  I like to use plastic so the wet edges pull right off – with paper they can stick and tear]

So, of course, I couldn’t just stop there.  I had to embellish a little bit!

Every girl needs a little bit of bling. :)

Splotch card #1: “Blessed”

And on to the second card….

Splotch card #2: “You Rock!”

Give it a try – every card is sure to be one-of-a-kind!  You could even intentionally stripe or rainbow the paint on the plate before splotching!

Craft on.

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