Counting Blessings

I’ve always appreciated the saying, “Count your blessings.”  I think it’s a great reminder to remember all the wonderful things in life.  However, I praise God today because the quote has always been a little silly to me in this: I’ve never [and I don’t think I ever will] had a graspable or “countable” amount of blessings. 

I’m an emotional person, and the thought is kind of an emotional thing: I worship today for my blessings are too great for my human mind to truly comprehend.  [today you’ll see some pics of me and some of my greatest blessings in life – I won’t always be so sappy and personal, but I thought it was fitting today]

Today is the day that I celebrate the life that God has given me {my birthday – yay!}.  So, today I take a break from the daily grind and say thank you.  Thank you to everyone in my life, for no matter how big or small the impact: your love and influence means something to me.

If you’re reading this blog, thank you.  Even if it is not direct – you have inspired me.


Getting older is always a little weird.  It’s always somewhat surreal to think of the number that is now attached with your age.  Maybe it’s because I still feel pretty young, but I don’t have a strong struggle with aging.


Perhaps, I have the people around me to thank for aging so beautifully.  And not necessarily beautifully in outer appearance, but rather in spirit: which I value greatly.


To all of you: thank you for stopping by my blog – your support means so much to me.  Thank you for being a part of enriching my life!  I hope you are inspired to “count your blessings” today.


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