Fab Find Friday

Has anyone else been wondering what happened to Fab Find Friday?!  Me too! :)  About time to bring it back!

With summer in full swing and birthday season here [my husband’s birthday and mine are 10 days apart], I can’t help but dream of beautiful themed parties.  With the 4th around the corner, I’m guessing many of you may be thinking about grilling, parties, cool drinks, delicious food, picnic tables, back yards… fabulous!

I value traditions, but I’m ready to put a little zing in the red, white, and blue theme for Independence Day.  So this year, I’m thinking red, aqua, and white!  It keeps the traditional colors in order, but brightening up that blue sure adds a fun twist.

Here are some fabulous finds to put together a beautiful red, aqua, and white party this year!

A beautiful aqua vase to hold red silverware… or red hydrangeas! 

[Small Blue Orchid Pot: Target – $5.94]
Line this porcelain beauty with aqua napkins, and fill with hamburger buns!
[Threshold Porcelain Round Bread Basket: Target – $14.44]

[Eat, Drink, & Be Merry Sign: The Gingerbread Shoppe on Etsy.com – $19.95]
Perfect for some ice and cool beverages!  Perhaps cool blue raspberry and cherry lime Jones soda to stick with the theme…

[Galvanized Tin Tub with Aqua Chevron and Red Trim Neoprene Cover: BellaLouCo on Etsy.com – $34.95]
And a straw to put in my Jones soda…
[30 Aqua Red Party Paper Straws: The Party Fairy on Etsy.com – $5.50]
Gorgeous frames to display menu items {and reuse in the house later!}

[Nate Berkus Red Enamel Frame: Target – $9.34]
Awesome chargers – come in blue and red: perfect!

[Polypropylene Square Chargers: Target – $11.88]
And well, this may be unnecessary, but every girl needs something to wear to the party.  This beaded necklace is so wonderful.

[Aqua, Red, and White Necklace: Pitanga Designs on Etsy.com: $32.88]
We’re ready to party!

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