Confessional: I’ve never really enjoyed lighting off fireworks.  Watching them: beautiful, love it.  Sitting in the driveway with pretzels and a drink, watching my nephew light off fountain after swirling flower after fountain: probably my favorite thing to do on the 4th.  But, being the cautious, worry-wart kid I was [and maybe still am] I’d rather stay back and enjoy the fireworks, then have the lighter in my hand.

My favorite fireworks: sparklers & smoke balls.  Smoke balls- are you kidding me?…those are the most beautiful colors of smoke I have ever laid my eyes upon! :)  And sparklers – so pretty… and I can write my name in smoke!


Today, I am inspired by sparklers.  And what good sorority girl & crafter doesn’t love a little sparkle?!  Guilty – love me some glitter!


Camomile Hixon is an amazing glitter artist.  I mean…unreal, amazing!  Check her out: here.
This is some of her fabulous work…

Let the sparks fly!  Glitter on, my friends!

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