Anniversary Shopping Adventure

What are a young husband and wife to do on a relaxing, anniversary-weekend getaway?!
Our mission was clear: plan our days as little as possible, relax all day long, and spend time together.  And we did just that!  We took in a parade, and Despicable Me 2.  We also took in an unnecessary amount of food…ugh, not going to talk about that. :)
And, much to my delight, we also did a little shopping! 
Here are some fabulous finds from our retail adventures.
No matter what city I’m in, I have to make a stop at Target!
Apothecary Storage Cabinet: $149
Yellow Trellis Accent Table: $89

We made our way through several antique stores.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but we saw an amazing old bingo globe with all of the wooden number balls.  It was wonderful – you could spin the metal globe to get the next wooden ball.  It even came with bingo cards that had red sliders to mark your numbers.  We could have hosted some serious bingo game nights! 

These are another one of my favorite antique store finds.  The tag said they are hand painted from Japan.  I adore the gold, bamboo-inspired frames.

I feel silly admitting this, but we made my first ever stop at Gordman’s.  Seriously, first time I’ve ever been to one.  Let’s just say: I will definitely be going back!  Probably soon. 

Sorry about the legs in the background.  Haha.  I believe Phil was using his sandal to measure how wide the ottoman was – because, well, it JUST fit in our car. :) 
Yep, it came home with us! Isn’t it gorgeous?! 
Can’t wait to show you pictures of it in its new home.
Sleek Taupe Lamp: $49 [also available in orange, black, & green]
What can I say?!  I hate spending money, but I love to shop. :)  Thank goodness for thrifty places with great finds!
I’m putting together some new DIY posts coming soon…hopefully yet this week – so stay tuned!


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