DIY Lath Board Love

Welp, I promised a little DIY – so here we go!



I scored this awesome lath board piece on an auction a while back.  It came with a bunch of old windows, and I even considered throwing the piece out.  I know, I know…what was I thinking?  I have a serious, limited-storage issue so I have to choose my “I’m keeping this because of some super-amazing project I’ll do with it in one week, or one year, but I have no idea what that is right now” stash very wisely. Whew!

The use for this beaut came about quite quickly…score!  I started by painting it bright white – which as you’ll see, was needed to stand out in front of my client’s brick mantle.

My client had given me a photo of some artwork she liked, which really inspired the clothesline and “love” concept.  I started by cutting out the right size of “tag” from beige cardstock.  Nothing technical here, just used scissors to cut until it was just perfect.

Then, I cut another piece of cardstock a little bit smaller, and used it as a guide to cut out the burlap.

For the letters, I simply chose a font that I liked and printed them out on computer paper.  I chose four different scrapbooking papers for the letters, and used the computer paper letters I had cut out as stencils. Then I used hot glue to put all the pieces together.


I hot glued rope around the top corners [left & right] of the lath board, and one loose piece across the top.

I found some antique clothes pins on an auction as well [hooray for saving all of those finds!], and used them to attach the “letter tags” to the rope.  I used the trusty hot glue gun to adhere everything… which is a huge time saver!

Here’s the beautiful piece on my client’s brick mantle.  Gorgeous!

Can’t go wrong with custom, reasonable, thrifty, beautiful artwork!

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