Fab Find Friday: Landscape Art

The perfect piece of artwork can be a challenge to find. 

I have recently been searching for an art piece for a client’s living room.  We wanted something that worked well with the antique furniture she has in the room – but also something that was slightly updated to keep the room looking fresh.  An abstract landscape was the perfect answer. 

This piece is what I would call “transitional” – which is really just a term to title items that aren’t overly traditional, but don’t have the sleek, clean lines of something that would be considered modern.

Here are some of the beautiful, abstract landscapes I found in my search.  They are all reasonably priced & gorgeous – which in my book makes them fab finds!

“Waves Frame Print” by Pottery Barn – 28×42 – $199
“In My Dreams” by Targer – 20×40 – $121

“Blue Birch Trees” by Pier 1 – 36×60 – $199
“Lisa Ridgers” on Overstock – 35×35 – $184
“Hills Framed Print” by Pottery Barn – 24×48 – $199
“Flowers By the Sea” by Ballard Designs – 24×36 – $179
Have you been in search of the perfect artwork for your home?  What are you looking for?  I’d love to hear from you!
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