Designer Inspiration: Sarah Richardson

One of my fav design shows on HGTV: Sarah 101.  The designer: Sarah Richardson.  I’m tellin’ ya: this girl is good! 

A few things I love about Sarah Richardson:
     1.  She shops at thrift / antique stores.
     2.  She’s not afraid to ask for help: she has amazing design assistants!
[Tommy rocks.]     3.  She mixes multiple patterns of fabric in every room she designs.
     4.  She embraces bold colors.
     5.  She cares for her clients.
     6.  She isn’t afraid to do things that “scare” her clients – or push the “comfort level”…don’t worry, they always end up loving it in the end.
     7.  She is a total genius when it comes to tile design.
     8.  She has fun and loves to laugh.

Here are a couple of the beautiful rooms she has designed:

*sigh* So gorgeous!

  1. Allison Blackford Reply

    Hi, Rachel! I am enjoying reading your blog. And I agree- Sarah Richardson (and Tommy) are among my favorite people on HGTV. I only wish their shows aired as often in the US as they do in Canada.

    Keep up the great work!

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