Custom Flower Arrangement

Hello all!  Here’s to a glorious Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed the simple tips on how to choose the best arrangement for your home that I posted yesterday. 

Today, I’m sharing a floral arrangement I recently put together for a client.  She has a wonderfully large kitchen with a vaulted ceiling. 

A tall arrangement was just what we needed to fill one of the areas where the ceiling comes to a peak.  The arrangements started with these wonderful glass vases from Hobby Lobby.  They were on major clearance – less than $20 for both of them!  That price can’t be beat: especially for the large size of the vases!

I used two different sizes of the same vase, making the arrangement in the larger vase taller and somewhat more elaborate.  Here the vases are almost ready to go… Just wrapped them up to be transferred to her home – and stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way to get a couple more orange flowers for the smaller vase.

And here they are!  You can see the wide grasses I twirled inside of the vases.  It adds interest to the vase, and helps hide the stems of the flowers.

The ceilings make the space seem even more open, but present a unique challenge: lots of space above the upper cabinetry.  We didn’t want to over-decorate the area, so we let the arrangements and large silverware make the major impact!


 My favorite type of décor: custom, simple, reasonable, and gorgeous!



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