Etsy Debut!

Rardon Design announces its Etsy debut!  The store is open.  I love to create – and you can follow me on Etsy to see a glimpse into my crazy, creative mind.  Maybe you’ll even find something you’d love to have!

Etsy is a fabulous website that allows creators from all over the world to sell handmade, vintage, and crafting items.

As I have the chance to expand my Etsy store, you’ll see a collection of upcycled items, handmade cards, and uplifting décor.

Because I adore all of my blog-followers, I thought I’d even show you a little step-by-step of one of the necklaces I recently posted for sale on my site.

I’m calling this one “So Spool”.  It all started when I found some wooden spools on an auction.

They were just screaming at me to be oversized beads – so I got to work.
I got out my fancy paint palette…
I started with these 3 spools – using the larger spool in the center, and the two white ones on each side of it.
I wanted to paint a variety of patterns on the center spool.  {you can see I chose my color scheme with the paint pools on the plate above}  I simply started in the center, and worked my out using a small paint brush.  I wanted to use some white to tie in the white color in the outside spools.
Here’s the center spool all finished.  I then took it outside to spray it with a clear coat to protect the painted pattern.
I used some large beads as accents – and strung the spools on a green leather rope.  I tied knots in between each bead to keep them in place, and give them some separation.  And here are the fabulous pictures I posted as the final product on Etsy!  You can also see the pictures here.
There are 4 other styles you can see at my store here.
Or simply go to anytime!

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