Lamp Update

I recently gave a table lamp an update with some craft paint.  Of course, I wanted to share it with you!  I have to apologize because the pictures are not the most beautiful – but they clearly show the detail of the transition.

Here is the lamp before:

We updated the room with some pops of blue and teal, and my client wanted to keep her lamps.  They were in great shape, still functioned well, and tied in with the warms tones in the room.  Here’s a sneak peak of one of the “after” pictures of the living room:

My client was inspired by something she had seen in her niece’s home, and she asked: what if we painted the lamps?  I’ll be honest, I had never painted a lamp before – so we weren’t sure how well it would work.  However – I’m not one to turn down a DIY project to update a piece!

I used my paint deck to find a color to match her accessories – then took the paint deck to the craft store to find the perfect color of craft paint.  I simply brushed, then wiped on the paint.  Here’s the updated lamp:

How fabulous, right?!  Such a simple change made quite the difference!  The color made the details of the lamp seem more streamlined and funky, rather than outdated.  Woot!
What do you have in your home that still works well, but needs an update?  I’d love to help you with the project!  Sometimes a simple update of the things that you have is all you need to make that room pop.  I’d love to help you identify where your room needs an uplift!

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