Fall 2013 Trend: Cats

Elle Décor calls out one of Fall 2013’s most unexpected trends: cats.  I had definitely noticed the “cat trend” in fashion.  Interiors often follow fashion trends, so perhaps it’s not so surprising to see cats making their way into our home décor.  I am so amused and intrigued by the idea, I had to dig a little deeper into this feline phenomena!Here are some interiors that incorporate cats…

Real cats make me sneeze, so I like the idea of bringing in felines that add a fun touch to a room without giving me a runny nose and itchy eyes!
Excited about adding some cat inspiration to your home?  Check out these awesome products…
{Cat Prints by “Ozscape Designs” on Etsy.com}
{Cat Wallpaper by Anthropologie}
{Lion Pillow from Society6}
{cat salt & pepper shakers from Neiman Marcus}

Does anyone remember these?  Or maybe even have one?!

And how does a cat that looks like it’s grumpy become so famous?!
[not sure what I’m talking about? – simply Google “Grumpy Cat”.]
{by “IceCreamTees” on Etsy.com}
Who knew a household pet could be so trendy?!

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