Rachel’s Favorite: Fall Decorating Trends for 2013

Ooh wee!  I love being busy – but as many of you can tell, my blog has suffered because of it.  I sincerely apologize for my lack of posts lately.  I just created a post schedule for October, so I’m hoping to keep up with it a little bit better.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog – I love hearing comments & having conversations with people who have seen things on my blog!  And while I’m saying thank you: Thank you to all of my wonderful clients!  September has been my busiest month so far – and I’m planning on an even busier October!  Yay!

This weekend was a chilly one – and I’m officially in the mood for fall.  So, with my hot chai tea in hand – I bring you my top 5 favorite fall decorating trends!

1. Chevron Pumpkins…  the zig-zag pattern has been huge in design this year – why not paint it on our favorite fall squash!  The chevron looks awesome in white and black – get brave and try bright blue or purple!

2.  White on white… this is another popular design trend this year – so why not translate it to our fall decor.  White on white is so classy and clean.  Be sure to add lots of different texture to add interest!

3.  Arrows…  Whether it’s a fabric pattern, a graphic print, or an actual arrow hanging on the wall; I think this decor trend is definitely pointing in the right direction!

4.  Gold… Ah, yes, I’m still obsessed with gold.  Pair gold with navy blue and white, and I am sold.  Gold looks beautiful with all of the warm colors of fall too!

5.  Branches…  I love natural elements in the home, and simple branches are fabulous.  For fall, look for branches with bright orange leaves, or acorns!

Fall is such a fun time to decorate our homes.  It’s cool outside, so make it cozy for your family and friends on the inside. :)  Blessings and prayers to all of those harvesting right now!  Here’s to an awesome autumn!

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