DIY Topiary

Topiary: (adj) Clipped or trimmed into fantastic shapes.

I couldn’t help but share this definition! I love that – fantastic shapes.  Tee hee.  I like to use topiary greenery as accessories because of one main thing: it adds texture & natural materials in a very sleek, clean way!  No extra fuss from a topiary – it’s staying true to its fantastic shape. :)

Here’s my favorite new trick for thrifty topiary:

Isn’t it great?!  Simply combine a moss ball from your local floral store {I got mine at Hobby Lobby}, with a milk glass piece {mine came from a local thrift store}.

Here are some gorgeous spaces with topiary greenery:

And speaking of fantastic shapes…

My husband trimmed this in our back yard last week.  No – totally kidding, it was done by the designer listed in the caption, “Mosaicultures Internationales” out of Montreal [and unfortunately it’s not in our back yard either – haha].  But isn’t it impressive!  I’m naming it Nemo Topiary. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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