Red Christmas Wrap

Well, I wish that I was about to share gorgeous pictures of the Rardon household, beautifully decorated for Christmas.  However, we are still trying to get the house decorated for every other day of the year, so not much Christmas decorating happened around here.  Okay, none.  I did none. Literally, this is the extent of the Christmas decorating I did this year…

Rardon Design Bulbs



Unbelievable, right.  I know – most of you are probably thinking, how can an interior designer not decorate her house for Christmas?!  And, why is she openly admitting it?!  Well, to be honest, I’m not quite sure.  Maybe to let those of you know who didn’t get to every decorating detail this year, that it’s okay.  Maybe just for the pure entertainment.  However, there are some positives here.

The first positive: instead of working on Christmas decor, we have been focusing on cleaning and decorating our house.  Last Saturday at approximately 4:30pm, I took a moment to just sit. To sit & think.  And what was on my mind?  How happy I was that people were coming over to our home in approximately 2 hours.  That I was proud to show them my house.  That I had no worries about hosting our friends.  That I no longer had to say, well – you can see most of the house, but “that room” is off limits.

The second positive: it won’t be long until I can share photos of our home.  You can finally get a full glimpse of how Rachel decorates the home she lives in.  Yay!  See what I did there – with that 3rd person?!

The third positive: I’ve been busy decorating other peoples’ homes, so I haven’t been concerned about decorating ours for Christmas.  Oh – the joy.  The blessings.  The gratitude.  Thank you to all of you.  It’s crazy to think that the year in which I started Rardon Design, is almost over.  Oof – chalking up a wonderful 2013.  Thank you to all of my wonderful clients, to all my reader friends, and to everyone who has helped me spread the word.  Seriously – grateful beyond words.

To spread Christmas cheer, I thought it would be fun to share with you my Christmas wrap.  Since I was a kid, I’ve loved to wrap gifts.  No, really.  I would get done wrapping gifts and ask mom, “Is that all of them?”.  She would respond, “Well, all of them except yours.  I guess I could box them up for you if you really want to wrap them.”  {probably expecting me to say no}  But, I said, “Okay! I won’t peek!”

This year I bought plain red wrapping paper.  In the aisle, it seemed a little boring next to all of the patterned papers.  However, sometimes I’m a little tight and I knew that if I didn’t use it all for Christmas – it could at least transition into birthday wrap.  The plain red turned into a wonderful idea.  I went to the clearance section in Hobby Lobby that is back by the yarn – and picked out 2 rolls of polyester ribbon that were $1 a piece.  Then once I got home, I rummaged through my craft drawers to discover all kinds of trinkets to help beautify my gifts.

I had these wooden disks leftover from a college project.


Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 6


I didn’t bother with tags, rather I just wrote the names right on the gift with a sharpie.

Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 8




These simple pom-poms were one of my favorites.  I just used a little hot glue to keep them on the paper.  I love how they “pop” off the gift.

Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 5


I kept it simple for the males in the family: just a simple stripe of ribbon…

Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 1


Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 3


Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 7


This one is the crowning glory.  DIY yarn poms.  Adorable.

Rardon Design Christmas Wrap 2


Merry Christmas & Blessings to YOU!  In the midst of the hustle, bustle, & gift giving – may we never lose sight of the greatest gift ever.  The birth of our Savior,  Jesus!  Woot.  Woot!  Now that’s something to celebrate!


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