Countertop Update

Calling all outdated laminate countertops!  I have a face lift just for you!

I’ve been meaning to post this project for quite some time…  This particular client had outdated, gold laminate countertops.  They were getting ready to sell their home, and the realtor expressed concern about buyers not being able to see past that gold laminate.  Enter Giani.  We used this countertop paint to transform the counters – giving them an updated look, without breaking the bank.

The pictures say it all.  The process includes: a base coat, sponging 3 different colors, and a top coat. Voila!











I used some simple tricks, like veins and concentrated areas of color, to make it look even more like stone!

Quite the update, right?!



Now, is this the perfect solution for everyone’s laminate?  Probably not.  But, it is a great cost-effective solution.  It was perfect for these clients as they got their home ready to sell.  I also used this paint for a bachelor’s kitchen.  His countertops were this color.  Seriously, peachy-pink.  Poor guy.

We used the painted technique – so now he has much more masculine, stone-like counters. He can be proud of his kitchen, until he’s ready to spend a larger chunk of change to remove the countertops and replace them completely.

Before you think I have something against laminate – let me say this:  Laminate is amazing!  Phew – glad I got that off my chest.  In all seriousness – when your laminate is acky & outdated, it needs an update.  That doesn’t mean all laminate is bad.  Laminate countertops have come a long way – and I have recently suggested laminate for several clients.  It is budget-friendly, and come on – when they can make it look like this, how can I say anything bad?






Gorgeous!  And that’s just a few of the fabulous, new options!

Have a beautiful, wonderful weekend everyone.

PS – The clients have since sold their home. It sold quite quickly, and they were thankful for the cost effective update. Yay!



  1. Sheyanne Harders Reply

    I love this idea, My sister and I have been trying to figure out how to paint her old/ugly counter tops for awhile. You made it look so beautiful and easy. I’m sure we will be trying to do this, this summer. (:

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