Mood Board

mood board: a collection of images that sparks a specific style for design

Mood boards are a great way to be inspired and establish a direction for design.  I often create mood boards for my clients to portray the direction I envision for a room.  And perhaps more importantly, to ensure that my client loves the design direction for the room – before we start making big purchases.

Here is a mood board I recently created for a client.  Can you see how these images start to communicate a room with timeless details, simple geometry, and pops of orange?!

Smy Mood Board Rardon Design

You can do this to find inspiration for your home too!  Start collecting images of things that you love.  Collect photos of beautiful rooms from magazines, pictures from trips that speak to you, and fabrics or trim cuttings that you adore – pin them to a cork board so you can add things and take them away.  Pinterest is a great way to do this digitally – start a pin board by room or by style, and add images as you find them.

Don’t be afraid to edit!  It’s important that your mood board speaks with a consistent voice & style.

If you have a hard time editing or creating a cohesive look – a designer can help you work through that challenge.  If you have a mood board created – share it with your designer!  It will be a great starting point to discuss the style & feel {the mood!} of the room – and your designer can help you make great decisions about layout, scale, proportion, & color keeping that style in mind!


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