DIY Grass Pot

Grass pots add great texture to nearly any space.  I love how they add a fresh feeling – and it’s nice to have some accessories that don’t have hard edges.  Check out these gorgeous rooms and styling using grass pots.

Grass pots can get spendy. But don’t fear, I have a great solution! And it’s called, you guessed it – DIY!  Here is a simple grass pot I recently made for my mom…

GP1     GP2


We found the basket/container on major clearance at Hobby Lobby – and knew we could use it somewhere. Then, I purchased two stems (or bushes, if you will) of greenery. I glued a piece of foam in the bottom of the container. Then – this is important – cut the grasses into multiple pieces that could be poked into the foam.  I know, I know: it’s way easier to just stick the two big clumps of greenery in there – but it just won’t look the same! Here’s the breakdown…

Step 1: Find a container that you love.


Step 2: Purchase at least 2 stems of grasses and/or greenery that you like.


Step 3: Glue foam in bottom of container.


Step 4: Cut stems into multiple pieces, that can be stuck into the foam.


Step 5: Use hot glue at the end of the stems, and randomly poke the different grasses into the foam.


Step 6: ENJOY!  I knew you could do it!




Here’s the grass pot in it’s new home.

GP4     GP5         GP6

So much texture! And I love how the green pops on the brick red wall.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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