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Good Things Take Time

I love blogging.  I enjoy coming up with new ideas & I love writing out my thoughts for the world to see {it’s kind of exhilarating, when you think about it}.  Most of all, I like documenting my progress & sharing design, inspiration, and thoughts.

All that said, I came to a point where finding the justification and time to continue blogging… well, I lost it.  I looked back at the gaps of posts in my archives and it kind of made me want to cry.  Don’t get me wrong, the fact that I was able to fill my time by working with wonderful clients – there’s nothing better.  But, I adore the blog world – and I just keep coming back.  So – I’m working on a comeback, and I pray that it doesn’t become another spurt, just like the several others I can see by looking at my archives [5 posts here, 1 month off, 4 posts here, 1.5 months off….ugh!].

Things That You Love

The thing that I love most about blogging is being real, really sharing something – the opportunity to possibly talk about something that’s bigger than little-ol’-me.  You know?  My goal is to post 3 times a week – Tuesdays, Fridays, & Sundays.  And Sundays are bound to get a little more sentiment.  The day where I just might take off the business-girl hat {the designer hat never comes off, it’s stuck} – and really share.  Things like hospitality, creating memories, being a woman, coffee, and spirituality.   I thought about giving it a title like “Sentiment Sundays” or “Inspiration Sundays”, but for now I think I’ll just let it be what it will be, and go from there.  I hope you enjoy all 3 days of posts.  The fact that you take the time to read my words, literally makes my heart sing.

My focus is, and always will be, on designing spaces that celebrate my clients – spaces that my clients love, share with their families, and create memories in every day. I just have to say it again: there’s nothing better. My goal is for this blog to be a place to document my progress as a designer. To share ideas, thoughts, and projects that inspire you to pursue the home of your dreams. To talk about things that really matter. And to share awesome projects from Rardon Design.

So, here’s to a blog comeback!  Here’s to taking time to do things that we love! Here’s to inspiration, design, and fun!  And, most of all, here’s to you! Thank you for reading – it means so much to me.


  1. Deb Johnson Reply

    Even though my career is in agriculture I have always had a passion for interior design but fear that some of my rooms have too many “scattered themes” … Do you ever come to Omaha area?

    • Rachel Rardon Reply

      Hi Deb! The decision to have one cohesive look throughout the home v. allowing yourself to have different colors and themes throughout is something that I get asked about quite a bit. It usually has a lot to do with flow, balance, and your personal style. I do come to Omaha every now and then – usually to shop for clients. I just sent you an e-mail about the possibility of touching base next time I’m in town! :)

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