Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Choose the Right Paint Color

Use these simple tips to pick the perfect paint color for your home – every time!

1. Use the color deck.

Especially when choosing neutral tones, it is very important to know the undertone in the color.  By using a paint deck, the undertone will become much more clear.  Hold the cards next to other options – and this will help bring out the undertone color, making your decision easier!  Now you won’t be surprised by a color that you thought was grey – but looks purple when you put it up on the wall!


2. Tape up your color!

Sherwin-Williams makes 8×10 sheets of their colors.  Tape these on the wall, and step back to see which color you like the best.  Do not make the final decision while the color is laying on your table!  It will look completely different when it is vertical on the wall.  Don’t have handy-dandy sheets of color?  Buy sample portions of the colors you are considering & paint swatches on the wall.  An assumption of this step is that you have the color in your home.  Do not make a decision on a whim at the paint store – their lighting may be completely different than your home!

Paint Swatch

3. Look at the color for at least 24 hours!

Colors change with different light.  Keep the paint color up for 24 hours before making your final decision.  Look at the color in the morning, as close to mid-day as possible, as well as at night – when there is no natural light coming in the windows.

Paint Swatches

And that’s it!  You’re sure to make a fool-proof decision using these 3 steps!

Here’s a video recapping these three steps.

Still stumped?  You know what I’m going to say next… call me, friend!  My paint bag [equipped with paint deck, color sheets, & tape] and I will come to your rescue!


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