Creating Memories

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. A day that we remember the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the US Armed Forces. A day where the cemeteries look more beautiful than ever – with the rows of American flags and colorful flowers. I don’t have first-hand experience with the sacrifice of military families. I’m not going to try to use fancy words to talk about Memorial Day, honestly – I don’t know the best thing to say, so I’ll just say… Thank you.


Memorial Day has become a day where we remember all of those who have gone before us. We think about the loved ones who aren’t on the Earth with us anymore, and all of the fond memories we have with them.

Memories are so precious aren’t they?! So, I thought what better to talk about today than creating memories?! Let’s celebrate the memories that we have & make a point to create new memories today!

Having Fun


Sometimes it takes a little creativity & spontaneity to create memories. Mostly it just takes “Let’s Do This!”-ness. Can’t create memories if you’re not doing anything!

Good Times

I dare you to think out-of-the-box about creating memories today!  Here are some fun ideas to try-

1. Make a music video with your family. Lip sync or sing it out loud! Shoot at different places around town – or just in your hallway! Have fun using different outfits. Kick it up a notch with some choreography.

2. Go on a nature treasure hunt. Rocks, twigs, and pine cones galore! Add the treasures to your backyard – or create a rock garden in a pot with some succulents!

3. Make a fort! Yep, old school – dining chairs, sofa, blankets. Laundry baskets make awesome “look out” corners! Fill with lots of pillows, sleeping bags, and couch cushions for ultimate comfort. Make shadow puppets with flashlights! Tell ghost stories!

4. Start a book exchange with your neighbors. Surprise each other with books that you’ve finished reading in each other’s mailboxes. Include your name if you would like the book returned when they’re finished. Could be equally fun with recipes!

5. Finger paint.

6. Go on a road trip! Anywhere! Make a mixed CD before you leave. Take photos of cool things you see along the way! Keep an open mind – cool things are everywhere if you just keep an open mind: that tree growing sideways – that vintage gas station sign – that huge patch of prickly, purple thistles!


7. Bake together. Every one get in on the action. Wear aprons and pretend you’re producing a cooking show. Have hot chocolate ready when you’re finished baking (hot chocolate is great all year round – make sure you have whipped cream & sprinkles to top it off!). Enjoy your baked goods! Describe to your “TV audience” how it tastes!

8. Make cards for your local nursing home. Write silly stories and draw pictures! Trust me, they will love it. For a super special touch, deliver them together.

9. Go to the drive in movie theater!

10. Have a picnic in your back yard. Lay out a blanket. If all participants are older than 21, wine and cheese is absolutely necessary.

and smile


I dare you to create new memories! I challenge you to try one of these 10 ideas! How do you and your friends make memories? How do you and your family have fun together? I’d love to hear – please share in the comments below!

To precious memories, and creating new ones!


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