For the Hands-On Decorator

Do you love shopping for home decor, but wander the aisles for an hour sending picture text messages to your friends – because you don’t know what the heck to buy? I mean – you know what you like, but how in the world is it all going to look together? Do you like decorating your home, but always struggle with those “finishing touches”?!

I may have the solution just for you… an image – like a road map – of everything you need to style your room! The image shows where to put everything – and it is complete with an itemized shopping guide, made just for you!  Sound too good to be true?! It’s not!  Here’s an example of something I recently put together for a client…

Rardon Design Table Hands On

This image was accompanied by a list of each item, including where to buy them and how much each one cost. Some of the items even included an option B – so that my client [we’ll call her Victoria] could choose which item she liked the best, but would still know exactly where it needed to go in the grouping.

Victoria has been able to shop and place the accessories in her home at her own pace. She can buy things when her budget allows – or when she feels like working on her project. Victoria has texted me and e-mailed me throughout the process – so I can give her guidance as she finds the perfect items to finish off the console table design. The best part: she doesn’t have to wander the aisles of Hobby Lobby wishing she knew how to put everything that she likes together in a cohesive look! And I’ve seen the “after” pictures – she did a great job, and it looks awesome!

We’ll call that “Victory for Victoria!”

Are you a hands-on decorator, but struggle knowing what to buy and how to style the items you buy? Do you buy things that you love, but then never know how to put them together? I would love to hear your thoughts! Perhaps – a “decorating road map” like the one above is just what you need!



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