A Week in the Life of…

What a week! I probably shouldn’t call myself out, but did anyone notice I missed my Friday post yesterday? Eek – so sorry!

This week I celebrated my birth [thanks mom and dad!], decorated for a wedding [first time ever as Rardon Design, and not just a friend-helping-out-a-friend], and made some progress on the Rardon home!  Since it wasn’t a normal week, it calls for a not-so-normal blog post! Today I’m going to share a week in the life of… me! For a little recap, we’re going to break it down, photo-style:

First of all – this happened! Confession: my husband and I love watching the birds in our backyard. When I first saw the commercial for the “My Spy Birdhouse”, I thought it was such a silly idea. But after seeing it a few times, I decided it would be the coolest thing ever to have a family of birds right on the other side of the glass! I mean – can you imagine how awesome it would be to watch those little baby birds! Well, I started to rant to everyone about what a great idea these were – and well, my aunt paid attention – and got me one of the greatest birthday gifts of all time.  Now – we just have to decide which window…

I Spy Birdhouse


My husband proved that he still knows the way to my heart. Chocolate, and…

Birthday Chocolate


Birthday Flowers

Keeping my office clean and organized is important for keeping my spirits high and my stress level down during the work week. I found a spot for all of my catalogs, added a few pretty things, and used some old deep freeze drawers as wall shelves for random fabric, window covering, and carpet samples.


Office Corner

Um… this metal creature showed up on our doorstep on Friday… Woop! Woop! I also read this amazing post by Jen – one of my favorite bloggers, who blogs over at The Chronicles of Home. I think I may muster up the courage to hang this light myself after reading her post. I’ll definitely keep you updated!


I stopped by Tumblin’ B Antiques in Meadow Grove on Wednesday. Gorgeous little shop – in the front room all of the glass pieces are organized by color, and it is so wonderful. I scored this adorable copper recipe box.

Copper Recipe Box

Confession: this recipe box may never get filled with recipe cards… but I don’t care, because it’s just so cute – and perfectly fills a spot on a tiny shelf in our kitchen.


Recipe Box


New dining room rug, what?! Right now, Phil and I say we’re “just living with it”. We like to live with a rug for at least a couple of days before we decide that we’re keeping it. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this beaut will be sticking around. Next on the dining room list: window shades and curtain panels!

New Rug


Tape explosion! New washi tape pattern coming to our hallway wall soon.

Hallway Washi Tape

The week of photos wouldn’t be complete without a little sneak peek of the wedding decorating… I took tons of pics this afternoon of centerpieces, dance floor, backdrops, candy table, guest book table, etc. – so I will be able to share all the details.

Mr and Mrs

Woo! What a week! Life is good.


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