Somebody I Know Needs To Own This…

Do you ever come across something and think, “Wow, somebody I know so needs to own this!” This happens to me – All. The. Time. 1) Because I am constantly shopping for interior decor, 2) because, for some reason, our budget doesn’t allow me to buy everything that I fall head over heals for, and 3) because we don’t have a house the size of Texas to display everything I adore.

Hence, I bring you the “Somebody I Know NEEDS To Own This” blog post. Somehow it makes me feel better about not hitting “Add To Cart” on these items, by simply sharing their wonder with the world.

Aint Nobody


“Ain’t Nobody…” Print from Society 6. I just love adding a little humor to decor. And I love the quote next to those gorgeous roses.


Carved Wood Side Table


Wood Carved Side Table by West Elm. This may be the item I have been lusting over the longest. Such beautiful wood & carving.


Gold Deer Head


Gold Deer Head by Hobby Lobby. This is the newest item on the list. Rumor has it there is a new black & gold line that Hobby Lobby has released. It hasn’t made it’s way to Norfolk yet – but I am impatiently waiting.


HM Metal Candle Holder


Metal Candle Holder by H&M. I die. Copper & Gold metallics together. I love. More = Better, in this case.

Nest Framed Print


Nest Framed Print by Pottery Barn. If the West Elm Carved Table is the first one on the list – this one is next. I have been swooning over this nest for far over a year now.  Isn’t it so pretty?


Solid Ironwall Clock


Solid Ironwall Clock by Target. I might NEED to buy this for my kitchen. Clean. Sleek. Those numbers could be seen from 4 rooms away. Gorg.


Vintage Brass Quail


Vintage Brass Quail Collection by thewhitepepper on Etsy. I couldn’t complete the list without something from Etsy. thewhitepepper is one of my fav sellers. I love all things brass (currently in our home we have a trio of small bears, a pair of deer, and a pair of pheasants). This quail family is just too cute. Love.


  1. Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home Reply

    That carved table! I have been lusting over the coffee table version for a long, long time and even have to perfect spot for it. But that part of the house isn’t exactly furnished yet…sooooo…it still lives only in my dreams for now :)

    • Rachel Rardon Reply

      I know – so fabulous, right? I saw it in person for the first time about a year ago in STL [there are no West Elm locations for miles and miles from our home] – and I fell even harder for it. Your self control is impressive: I’ve been known to purchase things that I love for “future needs”.

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