The Day I Saved a Green Box…



I have “deal-itis”.  Also known as CPUC – “Can’t Pass Up Clearance” [not to be confused with the California Public Utilities Commission – haha, yes, I looked it up].

This is a serious condition. It leads to purchasing things that I absolutely do. not. need. Can anyone relate? Thankfully my husband is a patient man. I think it helps that my shopping sprees are usually $15 shopping sprees, rather than $150 shopping sprees – but nevertheless, I still come home with treasures that I don’t need.

And these are the moments that fuel my fire… the day I saved a green box. Meet one of my “don’t need you, but you’re such a good price & could become something cool” purchases: the green box.

Box DIY - Before


And here he is waiting in the closet abyss. Just asking for a little DIY update. Save me, Rachel!

Waiting in the Abyss


And here, my friends, is why I had to rescue the green box from Hobby Lobby clearance.

Price Tag


$1.60! I mean, it was pretty much necessary that I give this guy a second chance. To be honest, a lot of my “deal-itis” outbursts happen in the Hobby Lobby 80-90% off clearance aisles. I’m in HL at least once a week, so I can watch those deals like the true “CPUC” hawk that I am. And the thrift store – oh my I love thrifting.

I am pretty proud of this transformation. Check out this handsome guy now:

DIY White Box - After

No longer the green monster! No – he is now a gold & white, sleek machine – holding up my thrifted family of pandas & Target globe like no other box can.




Pull Detail


He got a fresh, new paint job. I used a sample can of white paint that a friend had passed down to me, and gold craft paint that I had on hand from another project. I added bronze nail heads that I had leftover from a cornice project.



I did purchase one thing to complete this DIY – the hammered knob for the front closure. I liked the rope that came with the box, but I wanted to bring in a bit more gold to the center of the box. I can’t find the knob on Hobby Lobby’s website any longer – I purchased it on clearance [go figure!] at the time, so they might not carry them anymore.  Here is a similar one on Etsy.

White Box


I kept the top rope, and installed the new pull in the hole that was there for the bottom rope.

Nailhead detail



Hope Chest


And one final side-by-side before & after for good measure:

Before After

So, do tell – do you suffer from “deal-itis”? What stores make your “Can’t Pass Up Clearance” kick into high gear?


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