Fresh Flowers

Can we all agree… fresh flowers are the best! They bring so much life to any vignette or room.

You know, I love silk flowers too. Adding greenery and color to a space is so important, and it’s hard to pass up a beautiful flower that never dies.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers. I don’t get them all the time, and their beauty is fleeting.

My favorite trick is to purchase bundles of flowers and arrange them myself in thrifted vases. Think of creative containers when arranging your flowers: Dollar Store champagne flute, an eclectic coffee mug, old jars… the possibilities are endless! I’ve found with family and even with myself, I appreciate 2 flowers nearly just as much as 20 – so splitting up a bundle doesn’t disappoint anyone and small containers are usually more fun anyway!

Here are some examples of arrangements I’ve made in the past. All three of these are created from 2 bundles of flowers – a small bundle of assorted flowers & a bundle of red roses:

Roses and Yellow


I like adding rocks and sand when using clear vases to give the flowers a base & to add interest. I’ve added branches to these as well.

Roses in Round Glass Vase

All 3 of the vases were from a local thrift store. I believe the clear ones were $0.50 & the peach one below was $1. I know that I had some flowers left over after these three vases – which means a random grouping of flowers for me too!

This round, peach vase was my favorite.

Round Peach Vase

This spring/summer I was overjoyed to find beautiful, coral roses in our backyard. The first time in my adult life that I had flowers worth picking in my own yard! Fresh flowers for free?! What?! Best. Day. Ever.

I feel like a mother on her kids first day of school [I’ve seen all your adorable pictures out there!], as I took an overabundance of pictures of my beautiful coral roses.  They had bloomed just in time for a friend’s visit: I felt so grown-up having fresh flowers waiting in the guest bedroom for her!


Coral Roses 1


Coral Roses 2


Coral Roses 3



Coral Roses 4



Coral Roses 5



Coral Roses 6


Coral Roses 7



Roses Have Thorns


Have a fresh & beautiful day!



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