Random Rambling Friday

Happy Friday! Do you all love Fridays as much as I do? I’m going to guess yes.

This Friday has been so lovely, and it has only just begun: I am currently enjoying a “hat day”, complete with writing this post from my fav Downtown Coffee Company. Woot! However, I am having complete “blog post topic” block. So, instead of focusing on one topic, I’m just going to share with you random thoughts on what I’ve been loving & what I’ve been working on lately. Is that okay? Thanks, friend!


Remodels are definitely the name of the game right now. Both for my clients, and at the Rardon House. The sink for our bathroom remodel showed up this week! So, now we just have to set it on top of my vintage hutch vanity, and make sure it’s at the right height.

Kraus White Rectangular Ceramic Vessel Sink



We also made a decision on the floor. This vinyl tile from Armstrong.

Durango - Bleached Sand


I am working on an upstairs remodel with a client, including 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom. Here are a couple of our inspiration images. *sigh* So beautiful! I can. not. wait to see it all come together.

The New Farmhouse



White Bathroom


I’m helping with an addition: 2 rooms = a family room, and an enclosed patio space, ready for grilling all-year-round! This is the first time I’ve helped choose concrete. Who knew there were so many colors & textures available in concrete! I mean, you could literally do a pink-based concrete, with a brick pattern, and a blue overlay color. Not that I would ever suggest it, but the possibilities are endless!

Butterfield Color Concrete



I have read more in the last three weeks than I have in the last six months. I’ve been making a point to read a chapter in Fearless by Max Lucado whenever I can in the morning while my coffee is brewing. Why have I not been doing this for years? It takes about 10 minutes to read a chapter, and within about a month or so – I’ve completed a book & filled my mind with wonderful new truths. So good. I am a Max Lucado fan – basically because Max is such a Jesus fan. I should probably read this book once a year from now on – so many good reminders that with Christ we have nothing to fear!



Fearless has been my morning read, and “The Pursuit of Lucy Banning” by Olivia Newport has been my evening read. I tell ya what, I would much rather bury my nose in this book than in front of the tv any night. Well, let’s be honest, I’m not going to give up watching late nights with Jimmy [Fallon, that is – I like to pretend we’re on a first name basis]. This book was a random find on my Kindle, and I have really enjoyed it. It’s set in Chicago in the late 1800’s. Lucy is the daughter of a very wealthy family, and therefore has specific things expected of her. If nothing else, just the way that the people in the book speak to each other is worth the read. Everyone was so polite, and really thought about what they were going to say before saying it.





I painted a coffee table and console table for the winner of the Women’s Expo Living Room Makeover this week. We found two tables with similar lines on two different garage sales, and I painted them glossy black. I just delivered them yesterday, and things are really coming along with her living room! You will be floored when the see the transition. I found this post by my girl Mandi [I feel like I know her because I stalk her blog] over at Vintage Revivals really helpful when painting the piece. I’ll share all the details when I have pictures of the pieces in the room!


I have done DIY cording on cornices, but I attempted custom cording on a pillow for the first time this week. I just delivered them to the client’s home last night, and she loved them! [makes my heart so happy] Her sofa is against a red accent wall, so the little touch of red cording is just perfect!

Pillow Cording

Special Delivery

The new sink wasn’t the only special delivery we received this week. I also got these curtain rod brackets too! Now, I’m just waiting for my acrylic rods. Eek – clear, shiny goodness.

Drapery Rod Bracket



One of my favorite bands, Needtobreathe, released a new album this year. I listen to their music all the time. “Difference Maker” & “Multiplied” have seemed to hit the mainstream first, but all of the songs are a.maz.ing. Just for fun, here is a picture of some of my dearest friends and I at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO – where we saw Needtobreathe back in February.


Ice Bucket Challenge

Phil and I completed the ALS Ice Bucket challenge last night. I have to admit, I didn’t know much (essentially nothing) about ALS before the escapade of Ice Bucket challenges hit my social media feeds. Hooray for banding together and doing something positive!


And there you have it – random Friday. Ooh-wee! Watch out, when I allow myself to discuss random topics – it’s hard to stop! Hope you all have had a wonderful week – and here’s to an awesome weekend.




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