Electrical Plan: Graph Paper Drawings


Whether creating a new electrical plan, or remodeling/updating your current one – being prepared & planning is key. Be sure to do a walk-through with your electrician. Most electricians are very thorough and know the right questions to ask, but here are some basic things to think about:

What type of lighting fixtures do you want [ie. cans, chandeliers, sconces], and where will they be located? How much lighting do you need for the function of the space [would you like dimmers]? How many switches do you want, and where should they be located [be sure to take in consideration other aspects of the room, like location of door hinges]? How many outlets would you like, and where should they be located? Are there other electrical components you would like to consider [ie. exhaust fan, heated floor, fire alarms, etc.]? Media rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior spaces will have special considerations.

The image above is a sketch I created for two purposes. 1)  To visualize the difference between a framed or unframed mirror, so that my client and I could choose the best option for her. and 2) To show the electrician the size and location of the bathroom sconces. By drawing on graph paper, we took into consideration the size & height of the vanity, the size & location of the mirrors, and where the sconces should be located. Sconces are generally placed about 66″ off of the floor.


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