Home Decorating 101

Have you ever dreamed of having an opportunity to ask a designer all of your decorating questions? Just longed to soak up design inspiration for 2 hours straight? Hoped to take an evening for yourself to learn how to overcome the decorating challenges in your home? Just wished you could hang out in a classroom, and hear me share design tips for every room of your house? What?! You have?! Well, lucky you! October 14 & October 21 are the days we make it happen. Woop! Woop! Decorating challenges divulged and design inspiration gallore, your frustrations no more – fun and loads of knowledge are in store!

Phew! Are you convinced? Rhyming and all? In all seriousness, I have the immense opportunity of teaching “Home Decorating 101” at The Lifelong Learning Center at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE. We will be meeting two Tuesday evenings, October 14 & October 21, from 6:30 – 8:30pm.



The first night we will talk about how to identify your style and find inspiration for your home. We’ll talk about how to choose the right colors, mix patterns, and pull everything together. I want to make the class as interactive as possible, so my goal is to specifically address at least one design challenge of everyone participating in the class!

The second evening we’ll dive into special considerations for specific rooms, ie. what are some unique considerations when designing a home office? Or a kitchen? And we’ll look at the mathematics of design, ie. how high should I hang the sconces in my bathroom, and how high should I hang artwork?

Sound like fun?! I would absolutely love to have you join us! Register here. 

Yay!  See you in October!




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