Where to Shop: Dining Chairs

Let’s banish the boring when it comes to dining chairs, shall we?! Here’s some bold inspiration:

When purchasing a dining set, don’t be afraid to purchase the chairs and table separately! In the last picture: check out the chunky, clean lines of the dining table – paired with curved, dainty chairs! It creates such a fresh, yet traditional look – so don’t fear, start pairing chairs and tables in interesting ways!

Here are a few of my favorite sources for purchasing dining chairs…

Poly & Bark

Bertoia - PolyBark
These Bertoia Chairs are sure to make a statement!  Have other bold, colorful, or busy elements in the room? These chairs are perfect! They are sleek, unique, and chic: and the wire mesh creates a view through the chair that keeps them feeling light and airy!

Eames Style - PolyBark
Can you say showstopper! These Eames Chairs are available in several different colors. Love those legs.



Ready to take it to the next level with a pattern? Target has a grand selection of patterned chairs. I am a sucker for these Floral Patterned ones!

Copper: all the rage. Love these Metal Chairs!

 World Market


I’ve shared the Paige Dining Chairs from World Market before. I guess you could say I’m obsessed. This fuschia beauty will definitely steal the show!

Zinfandel - World Market
Ah, the Zinfandel Lydia Chairs. So rich. So luscious. Red wine in a red wine chair please!

And… you guys know my affinity towards auctions & thrifting. Just for kicks I thought I would check out Craigslist. And… here’s what I found!

Modern Dining Table
[source]    Look at these modern beauties! At $400 for the table and all 4 chairs, I would say worth every penny! I would just make sure there aren’t any nasty scratches, then load it up to bring it home! Paint the walls a dark, rich color & these white chairs will really pop.

MidCentury Dining Set
[source]  Okay, when a beauty like this comes along – buy the chairs & table together, please! Oh boy – I’m already eating my words. But really, this set is gorgeous! At $1400 for the set – if you have the room, totally worth it! Reupholstering those seats will be a breeze.

Shield Backs
[source]  Hello beautiful shield back chairs! You shall protect my dining room from looking drab!

[source] These chairs are screaming for some color or a bold pattern. Oops, it says they were just recovered. Eh, once they’re yours, free reign!

4 dining chairs
[source] I’ll admit, I’m extremely on the fence about these four. Could they be fabulous? Are they just too far gone? Welp, for $50 – it might be worth a try? What would you do with these chairs? I’m thinking a glossy white paint job & a solid, bold color upholstery.
Thanks for coming along on this dining chair adventure. That was fun, let’s do it again sometime. So, do tell – do you like to go bold with dining chairs?
  1. Jennifer@The Chronicles of Home Reply

    That second inspiration picture has been in my files for awhile. Love the whole look. I’m in the process of going bold with my dining chairs and I can’t wait to update the very traditional lines with a punchy pattern!

    • Rachel Rardon Reply

      Love it! I saw some of your recent inspiration on your blog, and I can’t wait to see it come together! I’m sure I’ll “fall” in love too! 😉

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