A Little Touch of Fall

Want a unique way to put a smile on someone’s face this fall? Show up at their house with a box full of home grown gourds!

Seriously. It worked for me.

Last Saturday my aunt and uncle stopped by our house. My uncle has become my go-to carpenter, if you will. Really, he’s a farmer – but he’s super handy, and seems to take all of my crazy requests and create something better than I could have imagined. He brought me a cornice base that I had recently requested, and they surprised me with a box full of gorgeous gourds!


I love decorating for fall and Christmas, but to be completely honest: we’ve been so caught up on just getting our house to look like we didn’t just move in. [We’ve lived in our house for over a year, and have gotten asked by several people, ie. tv dish guy, drywall man, little girl selling cookie dough – if we just moved in… ugh] But I digress, we’ve been so focused on all-year-round decor, that I haven’t really spent any time decorating for the seasons. But, I tell ya what – those gourds made me feel a breath of fresh fall air. So – here you have the little touch of fall that came to the Rardon house… thanks to my dear aunt and uncle!




And a breath of fresh air that this handful of rooms doesn’t look like we just moved in…



The table runner from Pier 1 adds a little touch of red and orange for fall.



For the tallest glass piece, I rolled up pages from an old book. Hobby Lobby sells bags of leather scraps at a great price – and I happened to have a stash of the perfect fall colors to tie up my page rolls!




The white ram is one of my favorite pieces. I saw him in a picture on Rustic Treasure’s FB page – and asked about him right when I got in the door on my next visit. He was still waiting there for me… it was meant to be! He got his “new-do” a few weeks ago. Isn’t he just weird, quirky, and fun!? He doesn’t have a name yet – any suggestions?



I just scored this basket at Goodwill, and knew it would be perfect on the coffee table with some gourds!



And, of course, it’s not fall until the house smells of pumpkin or apple pie. Mmm…

  1. Janet Wolken Reply

    You made simple gourds look so very pretty!! Love it!!!

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