Pillow Update

Hey – remember that one time Deets Homestore and Rardon Design joined forces and gave away a living room makeover?!

I have some pillow progress to share with you! The project has taken a little longer than expected, but it is coming together beautifully. Just trust me on this one! We have had to be super savvy with budget – so we’re trying to DIY as much as possible. The show-stopper, focal pieces from Deets are in place. Painted coffee table has been checked off the list. Pillows are now checked off the list. [Next: DIY striped curtain panels.]

Stormy had these pillows – but they didn’t match the new color scheme we are working with [which is black & brown neutrals with pops of orange, red, and yellow].  By the way – these pictures were taken in the Rardon house living room before delivering them to their new home [Stormy has a deep brown sofa with white walls].


Can you tell this dude has seen better days?


And here’s what they look like now!!!


She had two of the larger pillows – so to be as savvy as possible, we reused the padding inside the pillows, and gave them new covers. The fabric we used is here. The smaller pillows are 12×12 inserts from Hobby Lobby, with covers from Hobby Lobby fabric.


DIY tip: I purchase 9′ x 12′ canvas drop cloths from Menards and use it to back everything from pillows to table runners. For this project, it worked perfectly! I like to machine wash the drop cloths before using them – and dry them with a few dryer sheets to give it a nice scent.  The canvas drop cloth is a neutral backing, and saves on the cost of fabric.

  1. Katja | Shift Ctrl Art Reply

    I just love your website. It looks fantastic. Love those new pillows and using drop cloth for backing is so smart!

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