A New Blog Post… What?!

Seriously, a new blog post?! What?!

My blog has sat stagnant since January. Yowza. Like if it were water – we would be deathly afraid of scary mosquitoes, stagnant. So, just letting you know I’m still here and ready to chat.



A few things have changed around the Rardon house this year. Most significantly: there’s a baby living here! Her name is Anna, and she is the most precious, impactful, crazy, amazing, ridiculous, cute, chubby cheeks, awesome, cuddly, sweet, miraculous thing that has ever happened to my life! We are in love, people. Who knew you could be so crazy in love with someone you’ve only known for 5 months?! Amazing.

Rardon Design has been making it happen too. I have a hefty list of projects that I need to update on the website portfolio, and a few that need to be photographed as well. I am currently working on a variety of projects, that include but are not limited to: a full kitchen remodel, a bathroom gut job, custom artwork for  a hallway, and a spec house. This is why I love my job! Helping a variety of people with a whole slew of decorating challenges waiting to be owned.

I need to add to that project list: decorating for Christmas at the Rardon house. I am panicking. It is not done. Not one pinch. I only have approximately 23 more days to truly appreciate it – I need to get on this! Anyone else with me on not having all the halls decked?



Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for you. I am. Thankful. For. You.

Blessings on this lovely Tuesday – and hopefully I’ll be back to chat again soon.


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