The Barn Wood Shelf Strikes Again

Remember this shelf of wonder, made from barn wood & a glass panel?

It strikes again!

After my dad designed the first one, I let him know that I sure would really love to have one in the Rardon house as well.  Of course, he delivered….


The canvas: Painting by Rachel (me!). I knew I wanted to keep it simple, since I would layer accessories in front of it. I used a palette knife to create the texture with the paint.

The vases: From Target. They are no longer available. But you know – Target has approximately 1,928,385,399 other awesome things.

The shell: Homegoods find. Added a greenery pick & succulent from Hobby Lobby.

The seals: Isn’t this trio adorable? I found them at Rustic Treasures. In writing this post, I started to get curious about where the little guys came from. It appears that they are a type of souvenir or advertisement from the historical Cliff House in San Francisco. Here’s a comparable one on Ebay. Not sure how old the little seals are, but regardless I think I got a great deal on the little cuties.

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